Gypsy Fortune Telling Playing Cards


An adaptation of the Lenormand method to a 52-card whist or poker deck, this set uses all of the Lenormand mnemonic images, but assigns them to different cards than Lenormand did, and also includes extra, more modern mnemonics (such as the Railroad) to correspond to the additional cards in the set. The artwork is quite crude, in only three colours (yellow, red, and black),but there are brief paragraphs of fortune-telling meanings printed right on each card, which makes this deck a very good learning tool or "crutch" for readers seeking to memorize the meanings for telling fortunes with a regular, unmarked deck of 52 playing cards. The deck can also be used to play any card games that require 40 pips, 12 court cards, and 2 Jokers. The Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards are a truly deviant deck. These cards are set-numbered in random order, as if they had been pre-shuffled, and the meanings assigned to each card differ greatly from those in other sets. The Ace of Hearts, which is otherwise almost universally a significator of new love or a love letter, is set-number 11 and is here called The Fox and "augurs distrust of acquaintances who are seeking to betray you", while the 9 of Clubs, which in other decks is a sign of falsity (The Fox)or enmity, is set-number 26 and is here called the Park -- and "foretells a new love" while it simultaneously warns of "false friends." 52 cards plus 2 Jokers, 2 1/2' x 3 1/2", instruction booklet included.


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