Expanded Animation - The Anthology
Author:University of Applied Sci
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Lost in a Good Game - Why We Play Video Games and What They Do to Us
Stock: 0 $29.95
Watch Me Move Animation Show
Author:Pardo Alona
Stock: 0 $59.95
Stop-Motion Filmmaking - The Complete Guide to Fabrication and Animation
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Sketching for Animation - Developing Ideas, Characters and Layouts in Your Sketchbook
Author:Peter Parr (Arts University Bournemouth)
Series:Required Reading Range
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Author:Andrew Selby
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Posters - Otomo Katsuhiro x Graphic Design
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Art of Blue Sky Studios - Ice Age to the Digital Age
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Quay Brothers: On Deciphering the Pharmacists Prescription for Lipreading Puppets
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Japanese Animation: From Painted Scrolls to Pokemon
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A Bouquet of a Thousand Flowers - The Art of Senbon Umishima
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