The Ad Makers: How the Best TV Commercials are Produced
Author:Tom von Logue Newth
Series:Creative Professional
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Friction - How Passion Brands are Built in the Age of Digital Distribution
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Copy Paste - How Advertising Recycles Ideas
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The List for the Sexy, Smart, and Fun A List of 464 Media Snacks
Author:Emm Verheyden
Series:The List
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Just a Little Book About Visual Poetry
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The Fundamentals of Creative Advertising
Author:Ken Burtenshaw
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Kiss & Sell: Writing for Advertising: (Redesigned & Rekissed)
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Guerilla Advertising 2
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The Writing on the Wall - Rediscovering New York City's Ghost Signs
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Sounds Like Branding : Use the Power of Music to Turn Customers into Fans
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